Steel ingot includes top cast double vacuum steel ingots, uphill cast polygonal steel ingots and round steel ingots.  

Main products:

Double vacuum steel ingot:97t~400t  

Polygonal steel ingot:11t~90t  

Round steel ingot:2.5t, 3.9t, 5.1t  

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The double vacuum steel ingots are mainly used for producing high pressure rotor, intermediate pressure rotor, pressure vessel for nuclear power station, marine intermediate shaft and other high-end products. The polygonal steel ingots are used for producing rotor, gear, drive shaft, spindle and other forging products. The round steel ingots are minly used for producing wheels for railway, wheels for subway, wheels for mining industry and etc.    


The annual output of steel ingots is over 200,000t. In the year of 2017, more than 60,000t of steel ingots used for producing wheels have been produced for TYHI Railway Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. All kinds of high quality steel ingots have been supplied for customers.