Bucket Wheel Stacker-reclaimer

Bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer is a type of large and efficient facility. It combines functions of continuous stacking and reclaiming materials. The structure consists of bucket wheel, boom conveyor, long travel mechanism, slewing mechanism, luffing mechanism and tripper. Various stackers, reclaimers or stacker-reclaimers are to be supplied according to customer requirements.

Main products:

5000 TPH/3500 TPH bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer

7000 TPH/3600 TPH bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer




Bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer is high efficiency for transfer bulk cargo and widely used in port, metallurgy, cement, steel, coking, coal storage plant, power plant and etc.


01.High Efficiency: Stacking (or reclaiming) materials continuously.

02.Low consumption: material transferred by belt conveyor with low resistance.

03.Low weight: Under the same capacity, structure is light 1/3-1/2 compare with single bucket loader.

04.Low investment: Arrange on the ground, construction is simple with short period.

05.Low labor cost: Easy technical control and operation, reduce labor intensity.



Provide 1 unit stacker-reclaimer for Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Provide 1 unit stacker-reclaimer for Xiamen Gulei Port.
Provide 3 units stacker-reclaimer and 3 units belt conveyors for Jiangxi Pingxiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Provide 1 unit stacker for Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group Co.