Ship Loader

Ship loader is a continuous facility for loading large quantity bulk cargo, connect with berth conveyor system. Structures consist of boom conveyor, berth conveyor, portal structure and other mechanism (slewing, luffing, telescopic and travelling).

Main products:

1000 TPH ship loader

1500 TPH ship loader

6000 TPH ship loader



Ship loader is used at bulk terminal and designed according to customer requirement to achieve loading in high efficiency.


01.Operation continuous and efficient: Cargo transfer from berth conveyor to boom conveyor, fall to hatch through the chute. Structure is simple, reliable and efficient

02.Easy delivery: Company berths beside assembly and erection site. Loaders to be on board in fully erected condition after finish commissioning and testing, disassembly is not necessary any longer. After unloading at customer site, loaders are ready for use as soon as connect with power