Goliath Crane

Goliath crane travel on the ground rails, used for lifting large welded blocks in shipyard. It is a type of gantry crane with long girder supported by legs. Main hoist mechanism, trolley travel mechanism and main girder structure are the same with general use gantry cranes.

Main products:

150t-82m Goliath crane

200t-94m Goliath crane

320t-122m Goliath crane

800t-160m Goliath crane




Goliath crane is widely used for transportation and assembly in shipyard, material storage yard, power plant, port and railway bulk terminal.


01.Adopt statically determinate system to avoid lateral thrust and compensate main girder deformation under different environment temperatures. The structure has one fixed leg together with flexible legs hinged with main girder.

02.Crane safe: Different brakes are designed and installed on mechanism according to different requirements, co-working with various stop limit switches and safety devices.




Provide 1 unit 320t for Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co.
Provide 1 unit 520t for TYHI Tianjin branch.