Offshore Engineering Crane

TYHI has developed variable offshore cranes mainly used in ships, offshore platform, wind turbine installation platform, also knuckle crane and heavy duty cranes. Technology and performance are in the international advanced level.

Main Specification:

Ship Crane, Offshore Platform Crane, Crane for Wind Turbine Installation Platform, Knuckle Crane, Offshore Heavy duty Crane



Ship cranes are mainly used for material transfer between vessels, offshore goods supply, launching and recovery underwater devices, etc. Crane for Offshore Platforms is mainly used to transfer material and personnel to or from platforms;Crane for Wind Turbine Installation Platform are used for wind turbine lifting and installation work; Knuckle crane is used for grabbing and setting up drill pipes; Heavy duty crane is used for lifting bulk heavy structure and installation work.


01.Variety in type and specification: Product rang include ship crane, offshore platform crane, wind turbine installation crane, knuckle crane, etc; Boom type could be telescopic, truss or knuckle design; Capacity ranging from 3.5t to 2000t; meets all kind of requirements.

02.Customized product: Product could be designed and fabricated as per specified application, function, classification, lifting capacity, etc.





Truss Crane

20t, 30t,   40t, 50t, 60t, 70t/80t, etc

Ship Crane   or Offshore Platform Crane

Box Boom   Crane

20t, 30t,   40t, 50t, 60t, 70t, 80, etc

Knuckle   Crane

20t, 30t,   40t, 50t, 60t, etc

Telescopic   Crane

30t, 50t,   80t, etc

Crane for   Wind Turbine Installation Platform

400t, 500t,   600t, 700t, 800t, etc


Knuckle   Crane

3.5t, 5t,   10t, etc


Offshore   Heavy Duty Crane




Five sets of hydraulic telescopic cranes have been fabricated for ships with capacity of 30 tons. Fast development in marine transportation, oil and gas exploration, offshore wind energy, etc. has vast demands on cranes used in ships and offshore platforms which makes the product essential and a prosperous future.