Hydraulic Gantry Crane

Hydraulic Gantry cranes manufactured by TYHI can take the maximum weight of 10,000 tons, our 6400t hydraulic compound crane take the lead of various land cranes in the world, and has successfully erected several large reactors (largest indivisible component weighs up to 2260 t) for coal-to-fuel projects.


TZH1000, TZH2000, TZH3200, TZH4000, TZHD6400 etc. Hydraulic Crane.

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This seriesofhydraulic gantry cranes hasstrong lifting capacity, self-jacking function and hydraulic hoist capable to lift ten thousand tons as much suitable for super large reaction vessel erection. The crane has strong wind resistance, it can work with full load in 6th grade wind and ensure the safety of the equipment in the 12th grade wind.


01.With high efficiency, the equipment door frame has the function of self-jacking, can realize automatica jacking of single door frame and double door frame. Door frame has the function of moving automatically, can realize one time installation, multi-position hoisting function, high efficiency of batch hoisting operation.

02.Easy switching of working condition, single door frame and double door frame use the same arm node module and lifting beam module. A set of equipment can be composed of lifting equipment of different sizes and heights, meeting the lifting requirements of different diameters, heights and weights.


Hydraulic gantry crane is a special crane in the field of petrochemical hoisting. Four large coal-to-oil reactors were successfully hoisted for Zhonghuaerjian Xianhuan Project in China.