Castings used for bridge

Heavy castings for bridge, including saddle-body and saddle-head castings, is large in volume and complex in structure. As the most important load-bearing members of suspension bridge their designed safety life generally over 100 years. The casting quality directly affects the load capacity and fatigue life of the bridge.    

Main products:

Saddle Gross weight:160t, Overall dimensions: 5700mmX3600mmX3100mm  

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As the most important load-bearing components for long-span suspension bridge the saddle-body and saddle-bow are crucial for the safety and the length of service life of the bridge since these components are subject to tremendous impact and variable loads.


01.The company has a high-quality technical team. A perfect casting quality precaution system has been established. Mature technology, scientific management and lean operations are available in the company with the aid of the international advanced MAGMA simulation software.  

02.Resin sand moulding is adopted. And the first-grade standard is used for all the patterns. For all the key areas the chromite sand, imported from South Africa, is used. In addition, the domestic best-quality crude sand, resin curing agent, paint and other raw materials are used.  

03.The most real data have been mastered through summary, verification and optimization of a large amount of accumulation in the early stage. The casting product can be manufactured successfully just at one time thanks to the reliable, accurate and stable technical parameters.  

04.The company has complete inspection and testing means. A variety of inspection and test, for instance, UT (Ultrasonic Test), MT (Magnetic Particle Test) and RT (Radiographic Test) can be carried out to meet the user's requirement for internal quality.  


Technical parameters for saddle-bows

Mechanical Property

Rel(MPa)≥270  Rm(MPa)≥480  A(%)≥35 Akv((J)≥40

Ultrasonic Test(UT)

Ultrasonic Test(UT)is required for the machined surface of the castings. The standard GB/ t7233.1-2009. grade 3 can be met.

Magnetic Particle Test(MT)

Magnetic particle inspection should be carried out for all outer and inner rounded corners. GB/T9444-2007 Grade 3 should be met.

Penetration Test(PT)

PT should be carried out in according with GB/ t9443-2007.  For the machined surface of the main cable supporting part the Grade 1 should be met. And for other surfaces the Grade 2 should be met.


During the past years the company has produced large amounts of castings used for bridge. The major customers include well-known domestic enterprises such as Wuchuan Heavy Engineering co., LTD. and Deyang Tengen Heavy Industry Co., Ltd..    



For castings, TYHI has obtained the works approval of CCS (China classification society), LR (Lloyd's Register of Shipping - UK), DNV (Det Norske Veritas - Norway), GL (Germanischer Lloyd - Germany), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping- the USA), BV (Bureau Veritas - France) and KR (Korean Register of Shipping - Korea).