Ship-to-shore Container Crane (STS)

Ship-to-shore container crane (STS) is specially used for loading or unloading containers at port terminals. It consists of main hoist mechanism, trolley travel mechanism, long travel mechanism and luffing mechanism.

Main products:

40t STS

45t STS

60t STS



Ship-to-shore contain crane is for handling containers at port terminals.


01.High efficiency and reliable: High quality spreader and anti-sway system are installed on the crane for improving operation efficiency and reliability

02.Crane safety: Different brakes are designed and installed on mechanism according to different requirements, co-work with various stop limit switch and safety devices

03.Easy delivery: Company berths besides assembly and erection site. Cranes to be on board in fully erected condition after finish commissioning and testing, disassembly is not necessary any longer. After unloading at customer site, cranes are ready for use as soon as connect with power



Provide 3 units 40t-48m and 3 units 60t-46m STS for Konecranes Finland Co.
Provide 1 unit 45t-22m STS for Guangxi Wuzhou Tongzhou Logistic Co.