Intelligentized Crane

To meet client demands of high intelligence and high reliability, it adopts advanced sensor technology, electric drive technology and intelligent control technology. On the premise of high starting point, high performance, high efficiency and high reliability, it has great innovations in equipment matching, structure principle, performance parameters and so on. The intelligentized functions such as automatic operation in complex environment, job space identification and path optimization, life cycle management of complex equipment, etc. can be realized.

Design: According to customer’s requirements.




The intelligentized crane has the function of detecting and identifying working objects and working conditions and can make decisions on its own according to hoisting targets. The crane can realize the self-safety protection and fault warning and predictionin order to achieve smooth, efficient, reliable and safe operation.


01.Adopt a number of new technologies, high degree of automation. By means of position control mechanism, full digital vector frequency conversion speed control system, PLC control system to ensure the smooth operation of the hoist fully automatic

02.High safety design, redundant design of key components, key accessories using high quality imported products, which ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of each cycle of equipment.

03.Signal induction transmission and bus communication technology, a variety of transmission modes can be chosen and best scheme can be selected according to the specific process requirements.

04.Anti-sway correction technology and auxiliary intelligence (lubrication, HVAC, fire protection) can ensure that the crane is in good operation, improve work efficiency and reduce the intensity of personnel work.

05.Life-cycle maintenance technology, real-time monitoring and status analysis of key components, maintenance reminders and health assessment.


TYHI can provide intelligentized system for cranes. The 250t ladle crane for Shanghai Meishan Steel is the first intelligentized crane in China with IPR. It has realized the functions of automatic operation, ultra precision positioning, electrical anti-swing, intelligent diagnosis and so on. TYHI have supplied 35t clamp crane for intelligentized storage system for Qian’an plant ShouSteel, which realized automatic storage and transportation of coils.