Bridge Type Grab Ship Unloader

Bridge type grab unloader is for unloading bulk cargo by grab, which is mounted on the trolley and double move on boom and main girder. Under operation, grab takes cargo out from hatch, hoists and moves to quayside by trolley, afterward falls cargo into hopper and delivers to bulk yard through belt conveyor.

Main products:

500TPH~3000TPH Bridge type grab ship unloader



Bridge type grab unloader is a special facility with multiple motions, designed according to vessel type and different handling material.


01.Crane safety: Different brakes are designed and installed on mechanism according to different requirements, co-working with various stop limit switch and safety devices

02.Easy delivery: Company berths beside assembly and erection site. Unloaders to be on board in fully erected condition after finish commissioning and testing, disassembly is not necessary any longer. After unloading at customer site, unloaders are ready for use as soon as connect with power



Provide 1 unit 500 TPH ship unloader for Taiwan Hsing Sheng Engineering Co., Ltd in Vietnam thermal power project;Provide 1 unit 1500 TPH ship unloader for Xiamen Gulei Port.