Jib Crane

Jib crane is a type of port general use crane which has full slewing arm and mounted on the portal, which travel along the ground rails. Jib crane is available for delivery in full erected condition, including: double lever jib crane, single arm jib crane and kangaroo jib crane.

Main products:

Double lever jib crane

Single arm jib crane

Kangaroo jib crane




Use at port for loading and unloading bulk cargo. Depend on different mechanism collaborative motion to achieve multiple operations in high efficiency: ship-to-shore, ship-to-truck or ship-to-ship.


01.Lift flexible: 2 units of hoisting mechanism are available separately for lifting under hook or grab, structure simple and reliable

02.Crane safe: Different brakes are designed and installed on mechanism according to different requirements, co-work with various stop limit switch and safety devices

03.Easy delivery: Company berths are beside assembly and erection site. Cranes to be on board in fully erected condition after finish commissioning and testing, disassembly is not necessary any longer. After unloading at customer site, cranes are ready for use as soon as connect with power



Provide 2 units 40t-37m cranes for Tianjin Port (Group) Co..
Provide 1 unit 40t-37m and 7 units 25t-33m cranes for Hainan Harbor & Shipping Holding Co., Ltd.
Provide 1 unit 40t-85m, 1 unit 40t-37m and 1 unit 40t-45m cranes for TYHI Tianjin branch.