WK-35 Rope Shovel

WK-35 rope shovel is large-scale open-pit mining equipment developed by our company. It gathers years of successful experience in design, technology and manufacture, and adopts a lot of advanced technologies from home and abroad. It can be applied to stripping and mining of large open-pit coal mine, iron mine and non-ferrous metal mine.

Main parameters:

Rated capacity: 65t

Standard bucket capacity: 35m³

Bucket capacity range: 25m³~54m³




WK-35 rope shovel is mainly used for the excavation of blasted rock and ore in large open pit coal mine, iron mine and non-ferrous metal mine. It can be matched with 172-326t mining dumping truck and 3000t/h-5000t/h self-movable crush station. It is suitable for medium open cast mine with an annual output of about 10 million tons.


01.AC variable frequency system has advantage of high efficiency and saving power, the AC motor has low failure rate and high availability, its advanced technology represents the development trend of speed regulating system.

02.The high position propel driving system improves the transmission efficiency of tumbler and track pad; reduces the wearing level and prolongs the life time.

03.All transmission gears are made of high quality low carbon alloy steel by carburizing, quenching and grinding process (except swing gear ring), with large bearing capacity and better service life than surface quenching gear.

04.The gear rack structure is made of heavy duty high manganese steel casting rack with good weld ability, and the alloy steel forged pinion with high efficiency and low maintenance cost.

05.Optimized material and heat treatment process improve the stress concentration and fatigue life of gear and shaft; the operator's cab is elaborately designed to improve its safety and become more comfort.


Maximum Digging Radius


Maximum Digging Height


Maximum Dumping Height


Rated Capacity


Dipper Capacity Range


Maximum Permissible Gradient


Track Pad Average Ground Pressure

(Width of Track Pad)

425 kPa


Working Weight

(Width of Track Pad)



330 kPa






Suitable Dumping Truck



Our company has manufactured 50 sets of WK-35 rope shovel by now including 4 sets exported to South Africa and 9 sets exported to Russia.



"WK series large-scale rope shovel" won the first prize of Shanxi Province science and technology progress, the first prize of China machinery industry science and technology, the "12th five-year" major science and technology achievement award of machinery industry, China good design silver award.