General-purpose Gantry Crane

A gantry crane is supported by two legs on the ground rail. It consists of gantry, long travel mechanism, trolley and electric parts.  Some gantry crane, there is only one leg, the other side is supported by workshop structure, which called semi-gantry crane.


Capacity: 32t~500t

Span: 12m ~40m

Lifting height: 10m~40m

Working duty: A3~A5



A gantry craneis mainly used to load and unloadbulk cargoin outdoor yard. Gantry crane is with advantages of high spaceutilization rate,large work scope,high generalityetc. It is widely used atfreight yard of port.


01.In order to expand the work scope of crane, main girder can extend to outrange the leg at one side or both sides, which called cantilever. The cantilever also can be provided on the trolley.

02.The windproof and rainproof device are provided for gantry crane.

03.For the big capacity, double girder gantry crane is used and for the span not more than 30m, rigid leg is used. Flexible leg and deviation rectification device are provided for the big span requirements.

04.Box type single girder structure is adopted when the lifting capacity is not more than 50t.

05.Single girder type is selected when capacity is below 50t and span is within 35m. Double girder gantry crane is adopted when the leg width is large, working speed is high, heavy and big piece are lifted frequently.


TYHI have manufactured dozens of general-purpose gantry cranes, which are widely used in big steel plant,Heavymachinery enterprises, station and port, nuclear power station etc., also exported to India,Republic of Cameroonetc.