Gantry Crane in Hydropower Station

The gantry cranes consist of gantry, travelling mechanism, trolley and electric parts. TYHI have supplied more than hundred gantry cranes for Chinese hydropower station. The representative products are: 350t gantry crane for Sanmen Gorges Hydropower station, 500t gantry crane for Longyang Gorge Dam, 5 nos 500t gantry crane on Dam Crest of Three Gorges hydropower station etc.


Capacity: 10t~500t

Span: 2.5m ~24m

Lifting height: 30m~140m

Working duty: A3~A5



Gantry cranes in the hydropower station are used to lift and open & close gate, also used to do the erection work. Hoisting speed is low, normally 1~5m/min. The gantry cranes in hydropower station are not used frequently, but once operated, the work is very heavy, so the high working duty is requirement.


01.For the gantry cranes in hydropower station, the span is not very large, but is of high requirements for metal structure. There are two types: unidirectional gantry crane and bi-directional gantry crane. TYHI can supply according to client’s requirements.


TYHI has supplied and installed hundreds of big capacity gantry cranes for hydropower station in China and abroad.We produced the 350t gantry crane for the Three Gorges Dam spillway—the first spillway crane made in China. Since its first went into operation in 1961, this crane has lifted the dam gate over 400 times on average each year. It is often overloaded, even servicing loadsup tomore than 540t, and the crane still runs very well without any kind of malfunction.TYHI also produced the 500t gantry crane for the Longyang Gorge Damthe largest snake-rail gantry crane made in China. It has continuously functioned well even faced the challenges of extreme altitude, cold weather, and flooding. There are 5 nos. 500t gantry cranes at the Three Gorges Dam.