Reducer for Wire Rod Mill/Plate Mill/Steel mill

Reducers for wire rod mills mainly includes main driving reducers and high speed wire finish mill reducers; reducers for plate mills mainly includes master drive reducer, reducers for coiler, flying shear, sizing shear, double side shear and dissecting shear. Reducer for turn-over machine, lifting reducer and pinch roll reducer. Reducers for H-section mills mainly include reducer for blanking mill, reducer for finishing mill and reducer for side rolling machine.


Reducer for wire rod binding mill

Reducer for strip mill

Reducer for steel mill



Provide safe and high efficiency transmission system for all kinds of rolling mills. The maximum spec for wire rod rolling mill could be 300mm, for plate mill could be 5000mm, H-model steel mill could be H900×300mm.


01.Professional design. Well knowledge of the transmission about the load, the classification, the working condition and environment to guarantee advanced design, compact structures, good performance and high reliability

02.Strong manufacturing. All the processes (rough material casting, welding, heat treatment, assembling) are with strict quality assurance syste


Provided many sets of reducers for different mills for many domestic and oversea customers like BSP project of Benxi Steel, 5000mm-plate project of Shahe Steel, 4300mm-plate project of Laiwu Steel, 1580 cold rolling mill and F1-F5 finishing mill project of Dextron Shanghai,etc.