Plate and Strip Cold Rolling Products

TYHI produces a series of plate and strip cold rolling equipment which are mainly divided into cold continuous rolling mill and reversible cold rolling mill. More than ten cold rolling mills are widely used in famous steel enterprises at home and abroad, such as Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co.(TISCO), Baogang Iron and Steel Co., Baowu, Anshansteel, Shandong iron & Steel Group Company Limited, Surabaya, Indonesia, etc. The world's top 300 series stainless steel RAP production line has been manufactured. Through the transformation and absorption of foreign technology and design innovation, the company has fully controlled the six-roll reversible cold rolling mill equipment technology, and has successfully grasped the design and development technology of the 18-high mill arm, bending and channeling device.


Rolling Force:800t~3000t

Product Thickness:0.14mm~2.5mm

Product Width:900mm~1880mm



The cold strip rolling mill has 4-roll mill, 6-roll and 8-roll mill and classified as reversible rolling and continuous rolling according to the production continuity. Rolled steel involves common carbon steel, alloy steel, pipeline steel, excellent steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and so on. The characteristics of continuous cold rolling are large investment, large output, low energy consumption per ton steel, low loss of steel and single product. The characteristics of the reversible cold rolling mill are small investment, diversified products, flexible production, large loss of steel and so on. The roll number of the rolling mill is mainly determined by the strip material parameters, product parameters, rolling limit thickness, plate type required for strip production and so on.


01.Through cooperation,we havemanufactured the world's top 18-roll stainless steel RAP300 mill and possess the core design and manufacturing methods of the 18-roll mill.

02.Compared with the imported products, the self-developed rolling mill core “arm holding system” has a 40% reduction in cost and a 50% reduction in supply cycle.


Product Specification




2030mm pickling and rolling line of cold rolling project


SD Steel·Rizhao Co.,Ltd

1 set  

single-stand six-roll reversing mill


Surabaya, Indonesia

1 set  

2000mm4-roll mill


Jiangsu Huawei

1 set  

300RAP 18-roll 5-stand continuous cold rolling mill



1 set 

400RAP 6-roll 5-stand continuous cold rolling mill



1 set