High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Ground Car

The international recognized new reactor with advanced technology is used in high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power station. It is with advantages of good safety and high thermal efficiency. The ground car is the key equipment in spent fuel storage system of high temperature gas cooled reactor. It is used for spent fuel storage during reactor operation and fuel element temporary storage when empty the reactor core. TYHI have already supplied ground car of high temperature gas cooled reactor for Shandong Shidaowan gas cooled reactor nuclear power station.


rated capacity:15t

Span: 23.6m

Lifting height: 29.3m

Reactor: high temperature gas cooled reactor.




The spent fuel tanks in the shield cover of the ground car are transported and hoisted into the designated shaft according to the orders. If necessary, the spent fuel tank is hoisted out of the shaft according to the orders, and handled into the shielded transfer tank through the transfer hoisting hole or transported to the loading position and returned the remaining fuel element to the reactor core by the method of suction.


01.High temperature gas cooled reactor adopts advanced CAE simulation analysis and reliability design, by means of redundant design, to guarantee the safety and reliability of complex mechanical structure.

02.It adopts independent detection and positioning system and adopts high-precision matching mode in mechanical structure, which guarantee the crane positioning accuracy within ±3mm.

03.Through Bottom plate alignment device and special lifting device, the complex transfer process of the high temperature gas cooled reactor storage tank is realized.

04.Through the advanced control system and the application of intelligentized control program, it can realize dynamic display and image automatic switching. It also has the functions of remote operation monitoring and automatic operation.






Lifting height


Lifting speed


Long travelling speed


Cross travelling speed


positioning accuracy